About uKloo Early Reader


Facts about uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

uKloo was developed as a reading game with the help of teachers, parents, kids, and special needs family testers. Even people on the street were chased down and asked to give feedback on uKloo. The response was overwhelming and the results and observations are as follows:

  • uKloo Benefits:

    • great for kinesthetic learners (also known as tactile or “hands on” learners – often boys fall in this category).
    • offers physical exercise (an alternative to sitting still with a book or computer monitor.)
    • builds confidence
    • promotes independent learning and play

  • The Cards Provide:

    • word repetition for visual word recognition
    • a physical activity
    • an alternative to books
    • a set of directions for the child to follow
    • an opportunity for problem solving (which sink to look in?…which shoe? etc.)
  • The Poster:

    • builds sight reading
    • introduces first research skills
    • offers basics of sentence structure

  • Parent Driven-Parents decide:

    • how many cards to use
    • which cards to use and build on
    • what type of surprise would be most suitable for the child and for their circumstance
  • It’s a fun physical activity!

    The kids are so busy running around having fun that they don’t seem to realize that they are learning to read new words.

  • Suitable for:

    • Beginner Readers
    • Young Readers
    • Reluctant Readers
    • ADHD Children
    • Autistic Kids
    • English as a second language students


The kids want to play it again and again!

What’s with the name? uKloo?

This is a question we’ve been asked a lot! Educational games usually have names that are easy to read and relevant to the game. Agreed, here’s why we think that uKloo is a great name:

The intention was to have a name that was unique and easily accessible in any language. uKloo when pronounced properly is “you-clue” which makes sense because in this game is centered around “you finding the clues”!

Can you guess what the word uKloo is a scramble of? (u Look) – ask your kids to descramble the name!

Hey, it’s fun to say! Yahoo for uKloo! Whoo Hoo uKloo!