About uKloo Riddle Edition

uKloo Riddle Edition Cards

For Kids Who Like to Think!

Our latest uKloo release, uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt is for ages 7+. To play theRiddle Edition, parents lay riddle cards around the house to create a trail leading to a surprise. An enclosed hints booklet can be accessed if the child gets stuck. If the child is really stuck and needs the answer they must reflect upon it – in a mirror.

  • uKloo Benefits:

    • Great for kinesthetic, or hands-on, learners (boys often fall into this category)
    • Offers physical exercise—an alternative to sitting still with a book or computer monitor
    • Builds problem-solving skills
    • Builds confidence
    • Promotes independent learning and play

  • The Cards:

    • Boosts reading comprehension
    • Offer an alternative to books
    • Encourage problem solving
    • Supports logic and reasoning

  • The Hints Booklet:

    • Extend problem solving process by making connections
    • Promotes the application of logic and reasoning in a second step process
    • Offers the opportunity for parents and kids to learn about riddle writing

  • Parent driven. Parents decide:

    • How many cards to use
    • Which cards to use and build on
    • What surprise would be most suitable for the child and circumstance

  • Write your Own Riddle Cards:

    • Provides a creative writing opportunity
    • Encourages children to think beyond the literal and work backwards to create clues
    • Offers a chance to apply newly learned writing techniques and figures of speech

  • Suitable for:

    • Readers ages 7 and up
    • Budding Writers
    • Reluctant Readers
    • ADHD Children
    • Autistic Kids
    • English as a second language students

uKloo Riddle Edition

uKloo Riddle Edition is an engaging seek-and-find literacy game that combines thinking skills with physically active fun.
The Riddle Edition was created in response to the many parents who told us how much they loved uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt. They wanted a next-step game that would help their older children to reach even higher reading levels.

When my boys were young, I created a number of reading riddles to increase both their thinking skills and their reading skills. Creating a riddle edition seemed like a natural next step in the uKloo evolution

Educational Value of Riddles:

While doing research in the creation of the game, I discovered that riddles are an important element in the teaching methods used by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Here riddles are used to help children sharpen their reasoning skills, challenging them to think deeply, broadly and abstractly. In answering riddles, the child is lead to reach a logical conclusion, most often a precise one word answer.

The Shona people believe that “The Ideal time for posing riddles is during the evening around a glowing fire, usually led by an elder when all the family members have finished their various chores and are preparing to go to bed.” This creates a fun and relaxing way to instill wisdom and judgment through family interaction.

Many cultures from all over the world have used the fun of riddles as a way to teach their children. Our Riddle edition, like our first game, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt, is presented as a seek and find game. It offers a fun family activity with a learning curve! We ask the child to solve the riddles to find a surprise!

The uKloo Riddle Edition was created with the help of teachers, parents and kids.