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KWI-Logo-Large-02Privacy Policy for the uKloo App

uKloo Kids Inc. and Smiley Guy Studios are committed to protecting the privacy of your children.

The info below outlines our privacy policy on how our app works in regards to what it does and does not include.

The uKloo Kids app:

  • Does not collect or access personal information.
  • Does not transmit personal information to any third parties including social media.
  • Does not contain advertising
  • Does not presently contain any in-app purchases
  • Does not contain social media integration
  • Does include a company information area that contains locked adult access links to the uKloo Kids Inc and Smiley Guy Studio websites. Here, parents can contact us for more information or with questions and concerns.
  • Does not collect analytics and crash report data.
  • Will issue app updates from time to time.

Our privacy policy may change  upon future updates. Please check back if you have any concerns

Please contact us at or at with any questions.



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