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uKloo Riddle Edition Cards

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  1. just wanted to say that this has proven to be a great game for my son. he is 4 1/2 and loves books but also has a lot of energy with a titch of sensory processing – he basically needs a lot of stimulation. i make a point to put the poster downstairs in his playroom and the cards spread all over the house to increase the physical work to play the game. also love the fact that i can decide how long it will last dependent upon how much time we have and his mood. and we are working on delayed gratification by including rewards that don’t happen immediately (e.g., tickets to a soccer game in a few days, your choice of dessert tomorrow night). well done ukloo team!

  2. For playing with 2 kids far apart in reading ability (kindergarden & a Gr4 kid) I do either:

    a)simultaneous games of 2 different Reading Levels
    – they take turns so it feels like teamwork. RL1 kid gets starter RL1 card & finds but holds 2nd RL1 card, then waits until the RL4 kid is holding 2nd RL4 card, then RL1 kid takes off for 3rd RL1 card, and so on


    – have 2 games run simultaneously but independently & watch them run into each other

    b)more challenging for the parent to pull off (I always mess up, which they find funny) – alternate between the 2 RLs

    eg.RL1 Look under your chair, where I’ve put RL4 card which younger child hands to older child, who finds a RL1 card to be handed to younger kid, and so on.

  3. I love this game. Now I want you to make one suitable for the primary classroom. I have made up games like this for language impaired children who also have reading disabilities. It would be a great addition to the Language Classroom I work in as a speech/language pathologist.

  4. Fabulous! Such great value and easy to take along on travels! My 5 year old son LOVES it and begs me to 'Do a uKloo' with him ALL THE TIME! It is a great constructive 'reward' for him (to get to do a hunt). He is easily recognizing most of the level one word on sight, sounding out most of the level twos and for the level threes he uses the poster guide. So much fun for him and so exciting how it empowers him to read – he is thrilled with his ability to decipher the clues on his own! Perhaps you could make some booster packs so we can introduce some new vocabulary and unfamiliar clues? Thank you!

  5. I bought uKloo on the advice of a friend and am I ever happy she suggested it. My daughter has been playing daily for only a month and she has doubled her reading skills!

    uKloo is similar to a game I played on Christmases with my family. (Without the reading helper poster.) My brother and I always had a clue in our last gift to open. We would follow the clues until we finally found our BIG present-the one too big to put under the tree. I remember getting my first bicycle at Christmas with our "treasure hunt". We are going to revive this family tradition with uKloo! Thank you so much for this wonderful game!

  6. Our family LOVES playing flashlight uKloo! We discovered it one night when my son was playing uKloo and the electricity went out. He was insistent that he wanted to finish the game. My daughter ran for the flashlight and viola! Flashlight uKloo was born! uKloo is a huge hit in our house. We play every day. But, flashlight uKloo really is a riot. I'm planning on setting up some creepy surprises on Halloween evening for my kids and their friends. Broughhhhhaaahaahaahaa!

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