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  • Best Apps for Kids


    Five Star Editor’s Choice Rating! Best of the Best! – Surprising, fun animations reward young readers who go on this app’s treasure hunt! Early learners will enjoy finding the hidden cards based on reading the clues provided. Read more…

  • Inventive Kids

    inventive Kids APP

     Early Reader App by uKloo! My “kids” are adults now. When they were young, I’m sure they would have loved playing the Early Reader Treasure Hunt App by uKloo. I discovered the app the other day when I saw my friend’s children playing it on her smart phone.  Read More…

  • Tutorful

    How To Teach Your Child To Read: Awesome Advice and Top Reading Tools! When you think about teaching your child to read, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most of us it probably brings to mind memories of sitting in front of an alphabet and sounding out each of the letter sounds. Read more

  • iGameMom

    App News : A Fun Way to Get Your Child Reading Ready for School! Juggling cupcakes? A googly-eyed periscope? A pig wearing a hat? You just never know what animated surprise your child will uncover when they play the uKloo Early Reader App. Read more...

  • Everyday Reading

    8 Great Apps for Preschollers!  A few days before we left for Europe, I spent a bunch of hours searching for apps to load up the iPhone and iPad. Read more…

  • Doctors Wives Living

    Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 5.42.40 PM

    Five Fun and Educational Apps to Encourage Childhood Learning!  uKloo is a high quality free app combines the thrill and challenge of a treasure hunt with the opportunity to improve reading skills. uKloo, which is available for the iPhone and iPad, features a farm and a farmer’s market that include hidden uKloo cards. Read more…