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“My daughter is 5 and was really struggling with her speech and words, so her learning to read confidence is (was) really low, teaching her that sounds roll onto words to eventually learn to read was really frustrating and not a pleasant time spent together, neither of us looked forward to this type of quality time….Then I came across the ukloo Treasure Hunt game.  Worth a
shot, right?  Absolutely!!!! Well,  now  she cant wait to get home from kindergarten and start her hunt.  She is so proud when she figures out the words from the helper sheet all on her own, and runs through the house to get her next clue.  She is so proud!  I am so proud. She has made such unbelievable progress, she is understanding how the letter sounds make words (her clues!) and she is so excited to learn, and read!!!! Thank you for creating a fun and entertaining introduction to reading and word recognition, changing my little girls reading experience from dread to  pure drive to learn and succeed!”


S. BROWN, Parent of a 5yo girl

“Any thoughts of making uKloo in the schools? I am an elementary school teacher and after playing your game with my daughter at home… I feel I need a version of this for my classroom.”

C. RAGAN, Elementary School Teacher, Newtown, CT

“This product is a great introduction to reading in a fun way. It encourages problem solving and may even bring out the sleuth in the parent.”

Educational Leader of the Year/Council for Exceptional Children
Elementary Principal/Educator & Mentor for over 40 years

“Thank you for making with this AMAZING product.  Its very heart breaking as a parent to see your child struggling and giving up out of frustration through tears when she just can not understand.  Not being able to connect the dots from letters to sounds to words.  It makes it a constant battle in the house to get her to try, and with in a week with the uKloo treasure hunt, what a drastic improvement, she smiles at book exchange at school now , she beams seeing the Hunt all set up on the table with her first clue, she is confident and proud.”

PARENT, with a child in Kindergarten

“uKloo is a breakthrough early reader game that teaches reading through play. A “must have” activity for any parent who wants their child to become a confident reader.”

President, Inventive Women/Inventive Kids
Award Winning Children’s Author “The Sandwich”

“My kids have fallen in love with your game!”

High School Teacher  and parent of two (4 and 6 years old)

“My son loves uKloo and has no idea that it’s educational!”

Mom with a child in kindergarten

“Four Thumbs up!”

(Holding up thumbs and big toes!)

“I get quite choked up when I reflect on how far my 5-year-old son has come in the month we have been playing uKloo at home. “

Parent of two children (5 and 3 years old)

“Treasure hunts are always fun for all ages. Fun, coupled with learning, is always a bonus! My kids LOVE uKloo!”

Freelance Photographer & mom of two children

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  1. uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game will definitely be one of your child’s favorite games! You can teach your child how to read by having a treasure hunt! This game has 3 reading levels by adding more words to clue cards the higher the level. Also comes with a Picture Helper poster so your child can look up words and see a picture of what the word is for those more challenging words. You can make this game as long as you would like. Just lay cards out to design a treasure hunt, giving clues that lead up to a surprise card or an actual “surprise”. Game also comes with “write your own clue” cards so you can write clues with a dry erase marker. Says ages 4+, but I play this with my 3 year old. This game is a great way to learn and we both have fun while playing. We will be able to use this reading tool/game for many years to come.

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