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  • uKloo Early Reader in Action! 

    uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game: A multi award winning concept in Educational Games!  This young boy is building reading skills without even realizing it!  uKloo gets kids physically active as they build reading confidence.

    Parents are in charge with uKloo!  After all who knows their kids best? Parents decide which cards to use, how many cards to leave out and what SURPRISE will best motivate their child!

  • uKloo Riddle Edition

    The uKloo Riddle EditionTreasure Hunt combines your child’s thinking skills with Physically active fun! This educational game, disguised as a treasure hunt boosts reading comprehension, builds problem-solving skills, supports evaluative thinking and enhances logic and reasoning.

    The game includes a Riddle Writing Guide that offers children and their parents tips to extend the game and stump each other with their own riddles!

  •  uKloo Early Reader


    Shhh! Don’t tell the kids that it’s educational!

    Kids are having so much fun playing uKloo that they have no idea that they are actually building their reading skills! The excitement of finding hidden clue cards and running around the house on a treasure hunt is so engaging that the kids are reading without even realizing it! When the kids get stuck on a word, they are empowered to look up the word themselves with the aid of a Picture Helper Poster, as a reference tool to decode the clue card.

  • uKloo Riddle Edition


    Solve the riddles to find a surprise!

    uKloo Riddle Edition is for kids who like to think. An engaging seek-and-find literacy game, it combines thinking skills with physically active fun. It encourages kids to call upon their logic and reasoning abilities to solve riddles towards finding a surprise.

    The Riddle Edition was created in response to the many parents who told us how much they loved uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt. They wanted a next-step game that would help kids seven and older to reach even higher reading levels.

    Parents were also looking for ways to include older siblings who wanted to join the treasure hunt. Why should the little ones have all the fun?”

  • uKloo App


    By uKloo Kids Inc. in partnership with Smiley Guys Studios.

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    A googly-eyed periscope? A pig wearing a hat? You just never know what animated surprise your child will uncover when they play the uKloo Early Reader App.

    uKloo Early Reader App is a fun seek-and-find literacy game for ages four and up. It expands uKloo learning into new digital environments as it encourages kids to look up word clues, search the play screen and discover surprises along the way! And, there’s even a picture helper to look up words when kids get stuck!

  • Your child will be reading without even realizing it!  All purchases made from this web site are in Canadian dollars.

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