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We call our buttons badges because they are worn as badges of achievement. Each badge is a 1.5” pin-back button tailored to enhance the destination’s offering by highlighting visitor experiences. uKloo Kids Inc. provides See Saw Badges to Canadian parks, zoos, aquariums, and attractions with unique collections of custom buttons to celebrate life’s adventures.

A man riding a bike on top of a hill.

We are happy to work with your destination to create

new custom badge designs to meet your unique needs.

A red maple leaf is shown on the green background.

All our badges are Made in Canada. See Saw Badges are a Canadian concept

and have been licensed to the USA.

Contact Channel Craft for See Saw badges in the USA.

A green boat floating on top of water.
A moose with large antlers standing in the grass.
A tiger standing in front of a waterfall.
A waterfall with the word attractions written above it.